Davido will miss TeeJay. See throwback pictures of the day Tee Jay got st@bbed while protecting him

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Ogbeide Tijani Olamilekan, a common name for TeeJay, is tragic, demoralizing, and agonizing news of the death of Davido’s Personal Bodyguard. I wonder Davido and his other friends would have some sort of anguish and pain to cope with after one of their deaths. Late Tijani with Davido had been very personal. He watches Davido’s protection always everywhere. He can never overemphasize the affection he had for his boss. For Davido he had done so many things that the Singer would never forget him in his life. His neck was stabbing him so far as to defend his boss from a violent man in Lagos State, Victoria Island. He did so many things to protect his boss, both impressive and breathtaking. In due course, we are going to discuss some of this amazing stuff, but let us discuss what led first to his death.

The personal Davido bodyguard was Late Tijani Olamilekan for as long as the start of Davido’s career in music. For so long they were together that he was not just a guard; because of the recollections, they shared he was more or less a family to Davido. A few hours ago – this morning 8 December 2020 – that young man died. He died. He was fighting an unidentified disease before his death, according to information from reliable sources. For a while, he had been sick and the disease took his life today at last. His death struck the Music Maestro when he posted a black photo of the Black Tuesday on his website. I think we all know what it’s like to be portrayed in black for someone’s day. Davido has extreme pain.

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He had made headlines countless times before this man died. For eg, Davido and his 30BG gang went to Eko Hotels for a concert a few years ago. Following the concert, she went to the Victoria Island Grotto Bight Club in Lagos. He found that his ATM Card was missing when Davido reached his vehicle. TeeJay then wanted to get off the car to help Davido find his card while he was waiting in his car. When he encountered a drunk DJ Jay Dee who claimed to have the ATM Card with him, TeeJay was searching for the Card. He asked TeeJay to give this to him politically, but the drunk DJ declined to give it to him. Drunk DJ Jay Dee insisted he gives the card to Davido, but he’s too dangerous to reach Davido in his present condition. TeeJay said that he wouldn’t bother and hand the card over.

The DJ demanded that the car be offered to him. TeeJay also did his job simply because he was an inundated violent person that he did not even know, by refuses to allow him access to Davido. The angry DJ threw the Card furiously on the deck, and as soon as TeeJay tried to pick it up, he stuck it up with a Champagne flute in his neck. He doesn’t notice the wound or he won’t cause trouble, TeeJay seems to have left. He left the card. When he entered the car, his blood on the neck was pointed at one of his crew members. Finally, the DJ ran into the club and could pick him up. They were searching for him, but it was futile. The case was eventually identified to the police.

The man had to risk his life only because the man was impaired by alcohol to limit the singer’s access. He never realized what he was doing and if he had access he would have hurt Davido. TeeJay is a very courageous man who has done so many other tasks to protect Davido’s life. Can his soul remain in full peace!

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