June 1, 2020

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Davido Narrates Why He Said Wizkid And Him, Are The 2 Greatest Nigerian Artistes Of All Time

Davido has officially buried his long-standing feud with Wizkid by declaring Starboy and himself as the two greatest Nigerian artistes of all time.

Yeah- forget about all the great High-life legends you know-Tunji Oyelana, Sonny Okosun, Dr. Orlando Owoh, Celestine Ukwu, and his Philosophers National and the others, they don’t matter to Davido from his subjective microscope.

The multiple award-winning artistes made the comment on his IG platform after he shared a photo of himself and Wizkid draped in one funny attire.

This declaration will delight their legions of fans who have been torn apart by rivalry in the past years.

Judging by davido comment on Instagram he said Wizkid is one of the greatest music legend and he learned from him

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, Davido jumped in the Instagram Live content format with DJ ECool to dish on some back stories and have a chat. During the conversation, he revealed some things people didn’t know about or certain things that some people know and most people don’t know.

One of those things is how he got inspired by Wizkid upon getting back from Atlanta, USA. While Davido had been making music and almost produced on Modenine’s 2010 album, Da Vinci Mode, he was still unknown. But in 2008, Wizkid made his earlier foray into fame with a feature on MI Abaga’s classic album, Talk About It.

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