Cubana Chief Priest Gifted N200k To Kemi Olunloyo Moments After He Was Reportedly Freed from Police Custody

Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her twitter page to share the news that the Instagram socialite Cubana Chief Priest has been freed from Police detention.It was reported that he was arrested earlier today.

She wrote

“Cubana Chief Priest has been released by the Police,Thanks to everyone who tweeted Free Cubana”

Moments after he was released,Cubana Chief Priest returned back to Instagram to continue his act of giving to the public.The first thing he did was to speak with Kemi Olunloyo live


As you can see above,Over 6,000 people were watching their chat live after the socialite was released.Cubana Chief Priest asked Kemi Olunloyo to sing(rap) her new song in the live video and she did it excellently.


The socialite was impressed and gave Kemi Olunloyo N200k.

A user who watched the live video commented and said

“Wow,I just watched you perform your song on Cubana Chief Priest live Instagram video.This was great, Congratulations,I celebrate with you”

Samklef also commented and said

“Wow,Cubana Chief Priest just blessed Kemi Olunloyo with N200k on IG live.

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