Crystal palace 2-3 Chelsea Watch All Goals Full highlights

90+6min: Chelsea fall apart again as Zaha plays in Benteke, but Zouma steams in with a magnificent tackle to clear for a corner, which Chelsea clear.

90+5min: Palace come again and cross far post where Dann wins the header as he always does. But his effort is off the far post and out. The clearance is straight to a Palace player, but his shot is blocked and Chelsea survive somehow.

90+4min: Zaha creates again, but Benteke’s shot is blocked by Christensen. James then blocks a Zaha shot after Pulisic loses the ball.

90+3min: Guaita launches a counter with Zaha on the left. He beats James for pace, but Zouma blocks the cross and Jorginho completes the clearance.

90+2min: Zouma’s poor header gifts Palace a corner. Which they take short. Kouyate can’t handle the eventual cross and Chelsea counter with Pulisic, Abraham, and Willian. The latter eventually fashion a shot, but it’s saved by Guaita who holds on.

90min: Pulisic pushed on the left, picks out Willian making the run at the top of the box. His volley’s blocked by PvA. 5 minutes added on.

89min: RLC leads the charge this time. A bouncing loose ball runs to Abraham, who tries to time his volley to perfection, but ends up pulling wide. Chance, missed.

88min: RLC loses the ball, but Kepa catches the eventual cross.

87min: More pressure from Chelsea, but Mount’s shot is poor and Pulisic’s cross is easily caught by the goalkeeper.

86min: Chelsea keep possession before Willian cuts in from the right and plays across to Mount. He tries to pick out the bottom corner from the top of the box, but Guaita is across to stretch out a hand and save for a corner. Benteke hacks clear.

83min: Pulisic tries to burst through, but Palace nick the ball off him.

80min: Jorginho (!) rises from the dead, replaces Gilmour.

79min: James tries to pick out Abraham, but he makes the near post run and the cross goes central.

75min: Chelsea have a corner, which Willian takes. The outswinger isn’t cleared immediately, but Chelsea can’t find the loose ball. At the other end, Azpi defends well on Ayew to win a goal kick.

72min: Goal. Palace. Benteke. From the kickoff, Palace destroy Chelsea’s right side as PvA burst into the area and puts a nice ball across for Benteke to slot into the back of the net. Disastrous defending. 3-2.

71min: GOALLLLLLL!!!!!!! ABRAHAMMMMM!!! There it is! RLC drives Chelsea forward, chips through to Abraham with a lovely dink. Tammy holds his run perfectly and finishes just as well. 3-1, CHELSEA!!!


70min: Zaha finds a cross amid two, Benteke controls but whiffs on his shot on the turn. Willian tries to counter, but he’s chased down.

68min: Gilmour and Azpi combine to defend staunchly by the corner flag, winning a throw. Water break!

66min: RLC straight into the action, starting the Chelsea counter and getting the ball back from Gilmour, but he’s shepherded wide by a few recovering defenders and Azpi’s cross is eventually cleared.

64min: Abraham & RLC on for Giroud & Barkley.

63min: James’s clearance is charged and Palace have a corner. Ayew gets to the loose ball first, but his shot is charged down for a second cross. This one comes in from PvA on the other side and Dann wins the header again. Willian’s there for the second ball to win the ball and get Chelsea out.

58min: James measures his latest cross, which is cleared, but the game’s stopped as Milivojevic is taken out by his own man, Ayew, and hits his head hard on the turf.

56min: Pulisic back in support of Azpi to defend 1-v-1 on Zaha; he gets turned but recovers with a sliding tackle before Gilmour completes the clearance.

54min: Pulisic, then Barkley take it in turns to run at the defense, the latter winning a free kick 30 yards out, central. Mount plays to Willian who plays with to James. James puts in a gorgeous cross for Giroud, who unfortunately heads just over the bar. Missed opportunity, that.

52min: Palace on the Chelsea left this time. First cross is cleared at the near post, second cross is headed clear by James at the far. Chelsea counter with Barkley on the right. He switches to Giroud on the left, but his header back across towards Pulisic had no hope of reaching its target.

51min: Willian takes a PvA shot square in the face. He seems okay to carry on after taking a moment to collect himself in child’s pose.

50min: Palace build on the Chelsea right, before switching to Zaha on the right. His cutback is cleared by Chelsea, but Palace are certainly game.

48min: Mount wins the ball high up and finds Willian, who plays in James making a nice run. His cutback is scrambled away just ahead of Giroud’s feet. Barkley follows up with a long shot, well wide.

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