China Are Wrong: See Truth Behind February 29 Leap Year- Dailyfocusng

Daily focus Nigeria learnt that Before now, we were told that 365 days make a year and 366 days make a leap year. It is also recorded like this in so many solar calenders. A lot of people believe this and they never asked the question, why?

Some Christian religious fanatics even believe that it originated from Bible when Joshua commanded the sun to stand still on Gibeon According to the book of Joshua 10:12 At that time Joshua spoke to the LORD in the day when the LORD gave the Amorites over to the sons of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, “Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and moon, in the Valley of Aijalon.” they said this has been the main cause of leap year as sun stood still that period, this makes it to be Everytime additional 24 hours for every four years therefore causing a leap year

what is then the truth about the leap year?

Astronomers have studied that the earth revolves around the sun and when the earth returns to its starting point, it is known to have completed a revolution and thus we say a year. It was also studied that an approximate 365 days and 6 hours make a year. Calculating and using 365 days and 6 hours is not going to be funny coupled with day, night and time correlation if it is to be used as the normal days for earth revolution around the sun to make a year. It disrupts our time correlation with the day and night

So, it was then agreed that the 6 hours should be added up to make up a day for easy analysis. It was then calculated that 6 hours in 4 places that make up a day (24 hours). This is why the 6 hours on top of 365 days is removed and calculated for four years before another day will be added, making it 366 days which we refer to as leap year. Making there to exist February 29 unlike other years where we have only 28 days in February.

This basically means that it takes 365 days and 6 hours for earth to make a complete revolution.

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