Buhari Spotted in Havana Cuba over health Status

President Muhammadu Buhari has left the country accompanied by his Chief-of-Staff who was diagnosed and tested positive for Coronavirus.

It is gathered that the president left Nigeria on the wee hours of Wednesday night to seek medical attention in Cuba.

The presidential aircraft was spotted first in Dubai where they made a transit stop in order for them to continue their trip to the Caribbean-City of Havana, Cuba.

The question is why should the president leave the country at this time that the whole citizens are all crying and looking for the solution to the global pandemic ravaging the world other world leaders are busy putting things in place in their various countries in order for them to come

But, Nigeria is not the same as our president has abandoned his responsibility and the reason why he was voted into office by the electorate who assume that he was going to be a leader and a father at the same time to his people or rather he chose to run away and abscond to another country for his inability to put the medical sector in Nigeria in proper perspective so that cases like these can be handled locally.

More details will come as we continue to gather information from our source in respect of these unruly character exhibited by our dear president

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