Boeing 737 plane bound for Kyiv crashes in Iran, killed all 176 people on board


According to CNN we learnt that 34 minister earlier and by the way also saying that if the US does retaliate just come to the phone they’re running milk through that they would be what they call a crushing response by the Iranian girl if you can believe it and in the middle of all of this is that a Boeing 737 dead
Yeah which is the country right now being rolled out or something although also making sure that at this point I’m really is unclear what this plane however what we do know is that I took off about two minutes at the plane crashed plane apparently crashed very quickly that was not even a distress signal that was awesome but it seems to be that plane going down it does seem to be engulfed in fire as it says it’s great now that was left

Uncertainty over investigation

Under international law, the country where the crash took place leads the accident investigation but other countries often aid in the probe. Because the plane was a U.S.-made Boeing airliner, U.S. government officials and Boeing would normally be involved but tensions between the two countries called that into question.

Iran has recovered a black box from the crash site but it’s unclear whether the country would send it to another country to be analyzed, Reuters reported.

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