Bobrisky Talks About Sleeping with Dubai-based Instagram Big Boy, Mompha

Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has cleared the air over reports that he is fighting Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing over a man.
Recall that there are speculations that the person the duo might be fighting over is Instagram big boy, Mompha.
Also, Nkechi disclosed that Bob had been fighting her for a very long time because of a man and she dared him to reveal the person’s identity.
Reacting to the allegation that the man in question is Mompha, the crossdresser wrote on Instagram:
“Nkechi don’t implicate an innocent man to your rubbish, everyone knows Mompha is a philanthropist, he is a nice man to everyone. Sad how you are trying to twist your rubbish around him. Mompha wife knows me and she knows am just a good friend to him. Just because you are trying to get to me you want to scatter someone else home and pass wrong information out !!!!!.
Now let me make it clear to everybody that is MIKE your so-called boyfriend in the state that is making you go mad at me not mompha. Mike is not married now. Even d mike you keep ranting on social media back then have known him before you as my friend too. I’m not just the noisy market woman like u that like to post everything.

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