Be on Alert When You Go To These 5 Places To Prevent Been infected With Coronavirus in Nigeria

Daily focus Nigeria learnt that the apex ministry in charge of health in Nigeria (FMH), the first case of the coronavirus disease in Nigeria has been confirmed in Lagos state.

This confirmation was made yesterday via a statement issued by the minister of health, Osagie Ehanire. According to the statement, the coronavirus was found in an Italian who works in Nigeria. The Italian just returned from his home country to Lagos on Tuesday, the 25th of February 2020.

According to the statement, the patient who tested positive to the disease doesn’t have any respiratory symptom of the disease yet but he is being managed in a hospital in the Yaba area of Lagos.

Officials are still trying to investigate the amount of people the patient has come in contact with since he arrived in Nigeria.

Due to the nature of this disease and the fact that there are possibilities of it being transmitted via contact with infected persons. It is only advisable for Nigerians to take precautions.

Some of the symptoms of the virus have been confirmed to be: coughing, shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing and fever.

Following the nature of the disease, it is advisable to be on the alert when you visit the places listed below.

1)  Churches: Often times, churches in Nigeria are always filled with a large crowd. If you have to go to church; you have to be careful. It is not advisable to shake your neighbours hand during church service during this period. If you notice that your sitting partner in church is sneezing, it is advisable to stay away from the person.

2 Markets: Be careful when you go to the market during this period, because there is every tendency that markets will be rowdy; if possible, always wear a nose mask when you need to go to any market place.

3 Schools: When you go to your children’s schools to pick them up, make sure you are on the alert. Also, make sure your children are well sanitized when they are in school. Inform them to avoid anyone who has symptoms of the disease. Give them the right information; advise them to always wash their hands at intervals. However, in all these, warn them not to stigmatize anyone who coughs and sneeze; they should simply avoid them because not everyone who coughs or sneezes has the virus.

4 Airports: You should be on alert if you have to go to the international or local airports. The reason for this is because the airport is a place where different travelers meet. There is every tendency that people who are infected may not have any respiratory symptom like the Italian patient who has been diagnosed in Nigeria. On this backdrop, you need to be careful and keep a distance from anyone who you feel has any of these symptoms. Most importantly always wash your hands and use your hand sanitiser when you in any of these airports.

5 Hospitals: Even if you are in a hospital, you should be careful of the people you come in contact with because some of them might be patients who have the virus but are yet to be diagnosed. If you notice any of these coronavirus symptoms in any of the people in a hospital; try to keep a distance. Always use your hand sanitizer all the time.

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