Bayern Munich CEO Confirms Thiago Alcantara Liverpool Transfer Deal is Done

Thiago Alcantara’s move to England, which has been a subject of discussion for the past few months, looks like it is finally concluding. According to the most recent update by The Athletic, the Spaniard is extremely close to sign for Liverpool.

The Premier League champions have reportedly agreed to accept Bayern Munich’s transfer fee of 30€ million (£27.3 million). It was reported that Liverpool previously tried to bring the price tag down to around 15€ million but has now settled for 30 due to Jürgen Klopp’s intense interest in bringing Thiago to Anfield. Personal terms are still to be agreed but that is believed to happen in the coming hours as the Germans have made it clear earlier this week that they want to close the deal before the new season of the Bundesliga kicks off.


It is hard to swallow a pill for Bayern fans to hear the news of his departure, right after having a sensational treble-winning season.



We will keep you updated as further information regarding the transfer comes

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