Arsenal frontman ‘Aubameyang’ takes the blame for the club’s main issue

With Mikel Arteta attempting to bring back the spark in his team, Arsenal’s main attacker realized the main problem at Emirates.

Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang says that he contributes to the main issue that the club is facing at the moment. And in fact, the Gunners have been struggling to find the target since the beginning of the season. But the Gabon international believes that under Mikel Arteta, the team will soon manage to overcomethe problem.

Arsenal has been lacking goals in the new campaign. With only 9 goals to their account, only West Brom and Burnley have scored fewer goals than Arteta’s side. And out of these nine goals, Aubameyang has managed to rack just two during this Premier League run.

Nevertheless, the club captain has been an influential figure at Emirates ever since he moved from Borussia Dortmund. Moreover, Aubameyang signed a new lucrative agreement with Arsenal for three-more years. However, as of late, the skipper has been going off-track and admits that changes need to take place.

A boost is needed.

The 31-year-old acknowledges the fact that Arsenal requires a boost in the final third of the field. Auba also believes Arteta will make things happen for his side and the club will reach a level of significance.

He told AfriqueSports: “The biggest problem the club is facing right now is the lack of goals, but the manager and the rest of the players are trying to overcome this problem. Even though the results have not been good recently, we still hope that in the near future everything will be fine and we will surprise the world. We have the players that will take us to the level we want to get to.”

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