Another leader of One Million Boys nabbed in Ibadan

The Director-General of the Oyo State Joint Security Task Force, otherwise called Operation Burst, Col. Oladipo Ajibola (retd.), on Sunday disclosed that another leader of the notorious One Million Boys in Ibadan has been arrested and is already facing trial.

The suspect, simply identified as Eji, is said to be the second in command to the late Abiola Ebila, the leader of the deadly group that is known for causing violence in the city.

Ebila, who was reported to have been involved in kidnapping for ransom, was recently killed by the men of Operation Burst in his hideout.

Prior to his arrest, Eji was said to have assumed the leadership position of the group.

After his arrest, it was learnt that the other members of the gang have run out of the state for fear of being similarly nabbed.

Ajibola said, “Operation Burst has been able to reduce criminality in Oyo State; people now go about their business without fear. We have effected arrests in relation to cultism, Internet fraud and other crimes, and handed the suspects over to security agencies. The most high profiled among the criminal cases was that of Abiola Ebila.”

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