A Young Boy Caught Sl_eping With Goat inside uncompleted Building (Video)

Middle-aged man identified simply as Peter who caught in the act of sl–ping with a goat in a secluded, uncompleted building in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti state capital. 

Eye9ja understands that upon Peter’s apprehension the suspect confessed to the crime, adding that this was not his first time of indulging in such an immoral act.

He told his interviewers that he had  with a goat in Akure where he came from.

The condition of the goat raised further suspicion as the animal appeared to have lost its strength as it continued to release saliva from it’s mouth non-stop; a development that made the residents to further ask Peter if he used charms to capture the goat.

Replying to questions directed to him in Yoruba, he said;

“I did not use charm on the goat, I did not bring the goat to Owode Quarters. When I saw the goat, I chased it, nabbed it and brought it to the uncompleted building to carry out my mission.”

Watch the video below

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