9 Wonderful Inventions By Biafra During The Civil War (Photos)

The Nigerian Civil War started on the 6th of July 1967 and ended 15th January, 1970.

During the war, the Nigerian army outnumbered their Biafran Counterparts 4 – 1.

While Nigeria had the British government supplying them arms and ammunition and Egypt supplying them planes, Biafran had to produce their arms and ammunition and other necessary war machines locally because the federal government already closed the borders on Biafran and other neighboring countries were supporting Nigeria.

These are some of Biafrans’ best inventions/innovations during the war.

1. Ogbunigwe /Ojukwu Bucket (mass killer)

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Easily the most popular and devastating of all Biafran inventions during the civil war.

The Ogbunigwe wasn’t just a single weapon, though, it was more like a set of a weapons system.

It includes rocket-propelled missiles, improvised explosive devices, and command-detonated mines

The system was so powerful that it is said the Nigerian army did not have a single defense against it.

This is what a British Journalist, Frederick Forsyth wrote when he saw Ogbunigwe in action against the Nigerian Army.

Renowned Writer Chinua Achebe Wrote

2. Biafran Grenade Launcher

This was used to launch the dreaded grenade “Ogbunigwe”.

3. Biafran Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC)

Used in the transportation of troops

4. Biafran Armoured Car

This armoured car is usually equipped with high powered machine guns.

5. Biafran Red Devils

Due to their mode of operations, this devastating vehicle crafted by the Biafran was nicknamed ‘Red Devils’. They were divided into 4 types, A, B, C and D.

6. Biafran Armoured Tank

An antitank vehicle with guns that rotate 360 degrees.

7. Biafran Mobile Artillery Machine

8. The Biafran bomber aircraft

Normal civilian aircraft were converted to fighter jets by Biafran engineers.

9. Biafran Modular Refinery Or Biafran Pot

During civil war, your success or failure depends largely on the fuel available and with the Nigeria Government cutting off Biafran, they had to invent a way of refining crude.

This Modular refineries brought fuel petrol, diesel, kerosene to the government, military and civilian to use.

So if Biafra can achieve this during a time of war and with limited resources, why is Nigeria not producing military hardware and still importing with all the money the country has.

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