9 Months After He Went Begging in Lagos, See Recent Photos Of Ernest Azuzu

In January 2020, Nigerians stunned to see Nollywood star, Ernest Azuzu in a sad state begging on the streets half-naked.

Ernest Asuzu was captured shirtless. He was only wearing a blue jean pants and bathroom slippers, at Shoprite Surulere, begging for alms to feed.


Back then in the 90’s and early 2000’s Ernest Azuzu was the perfect man for action Nollywood movies.

While some Nigerians felt pity to see him in such terrible condition, others had no remorse. Remember the old adage : As you make your bed, so must you lie on it.

(Throwback picture of Ernest Azuzu)

(Throwback picture of Ernest Azuzu)

Glory be to God, Ernest Azuzu received help from many people including the wife of the Anambra State governor and now he is looking very healthy.

he noted has driven him to tears and has given him a second chance to live when all hopes appeared lost

Thank God for using the wife of Anambra State Governor to rescue him. If nobody had helped him, only God knows what would have happened to him?

It’s been 9 months since the veteran actor begged for help. We pray such thing never happen again. Ernest Azuzu is now healthy as a fiddle and living fine.

See recent photos of Ernest Azuzu

Let the story of this actor serve as a lesson to you. Spend wisely and save for the rainy days

Don’t be a millionaire today and become a beggar tomorrow. Let’s thank God for the life of Ernest Azuzu.


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