7 Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria

Everyone can enter different business ideas. Depending on the start-up capital, experience or qualifications required to enter the industry, everyone will always find something.

Doing business in Nigeria, Africa and many other parts of the world is a challenge for many people. One reason is the widespread belief that doing business with any type of business is expensive, and without further research or field studies, many people will be left to work without knowing what financial commitment each start-up company needs.

If you are looking for simple, cheap and risky business ideas in Nigeria, Africa and many other parts of the world, here are seven:

1). Purchase and delivery:

If in doubt, it is possible to buy and deliver them.

Some organizations usually need to supply them with certain items on a regular basis. These include very cheap office supplies (such as stationery) to expensive products (such as diesel).

You can focus on cheap office supplies so you can start securing supplies and supply companies, and then increase your income so that you can finally implement large projects such as diesel, equipment and machinery.

2). Social Media Management:

So many people spend a lot of time on social networks. They will constantly update the latest news and trends on Twitter, check people in fashion on Instagram, search for the latest job or business opportunities on LinkedIn, and check what their family and friends are currently doing on Facebook.

When people spend most of their time online and create a large audience that connects with them in this way, they do not realize that they have mastered a skill that is easy to observe.

If you are one of the most frequent users of social media, you can spend time online starting a social media management business for your organization.

3). Selling photos online:

The potential of the photobank is growing every year. More and more online and offline media stores need to place their content, ads, etc. Stock photo. These accelerated requests have led them to purchase additional photos and increase photographers’ revenue from selling photos on online platforms such as GettyImages and Shutterstock.

If you’re happy with the camera, you can take professional photos and sell them online.

4). Professional cleaning services:

Every organization needs cleaners to keep the office tidy. For this reason, they usually hire internal cleaning staff or hire them to a professional cleaning company to complete the work for them.

In addition to the organization, some dedicated people also need the services of professional cleaners to help them at home.

You can take advantage of this industry by setting up professional cleaning services and selling your services to demanding corporate organizations and elites.

5). laundry service:

Laundry in Nigeria is another service that many people are looking for. Many people living in different directions are constantly looking for affordable and reliable dry cleaners in their area.

Because start-up costs are relatively low, you can set up a small laundry in your area and move your business to the locals.

6). Babysitting and child care:

Many working mothers need someone to take care of their children during work. For this purpose, they hire babysitters or place their children in crèches.

In your area, you can start with a babysitting service or a babysitting service and make sure that mothers in the area understand your services and the type of environment that their children take care of during work.

7). In combination with taxi or ride service:

The emergence of popular ride-sharing platforms such as Uber and Taxify has brought the profitability of taxi services in Nigeria and many parts of the world. In Nigeria, if you have a vehicle since 2006 and later, you can list it on the Uber list and assign a driver to it. Depending on the reliability of the driver, you can get up to 40,000 naira per week.

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