5 Reasons why Adeyinka Alaseyori Refused to attack Tope Alabi on Oniduromi song Saga #Oniduromi

She was an accountant before she ventured into gospel music. She started her music career professionally in 2012 but came into the limelight in 2020.

Adeyinkaearned her stage name ‘Alaseyori’ from her first album, ‘Alaseyori Mi’. She currently has 3 albums to her credit, Alaseyori Mi, Alaabo Mi, and Arojinle. Some of her popular songs include Aye Ope Yo, Oniduromi, Arojinle, The Almighty God, Oba Atobiju to mention a few… She’s God fearing fellow and regards God as her guarantor .

Now what can we say about Oniduromi song Saga by Evan. Tope Alabi

Gospel singer, Adeyinka Alaseyori, has been in the news after her colleague, Tope Alabi, criticised people who refer to God as ‘Oniduro Mi’, which means ‘guarantor’.

Alaseyori, among other gospel singers, have waxed records where they referred to God as ‘Oniduro Mi’.

The saga went viral on social media, (facebook, twitter, instagram) which people tackled Evans Tope Alabi on social media with all sort of questions and comedy movies,

However, her opinion did not sit well with many people and her comment has since sparked a debate among gospel music lovers. More so, Alabi has faced backlash online over her comment.

In a video, which has since gone viral, Alabi stated that although she was not condemning the songs, she believes God is bigger than an entity to be described as a guarantor.

The Five reasons why Adeyinka Alaseyori refused to Attack Evan Tope Alabi


1 The saga makes the music go more viral and waxed record

For days, Alaseyori, whose version of ‘Oniduro Mi’ song is most popular, went more viral to people that haven’t hear the music heard it makes comment, people makes short skit comedy with the songs which leads to more followers for her social media page

2 The entire social media space had been agog with huge backlash, with many throlling her for what they considered unrestrained envy on her part.

However, Alabi, after a long silence, and a week in which she claims she ‘has hardly slept’, has come forward with an apology, pleading that Nigerians should see her “as a mere mortal with my own weaknesses, human frailties and as a learner in the limitless knowledge of God.”

Evans Tope Alabi apologize to her as a mother to daughter


Her apology reads: “Let me acknowledge that my mistake was that I externalised a personal message in public and I am awfully sorry for doing that.

3 They’re vessels in thesame body of Christ as a believer Peace should reigns

I want to state that Tope Alabi, Adeyinka Adesioye a.k.a Alaseyori and Tolu Adelegan are all members of the same family of God and they belong to the same calling – singing ministry.

“Adeyinka is my daughter in ministry. Her Pastor asked me to pray for her because she took after me, which I did wholeheartedly.” and because she also is not perfect she allow peace to dwell

4 she sees it as an opportunity to gain more recognition and firm

more Artist and Actress’s performs her song ‘Oniduromi’ as an appreciation songs even me I don’t don’t who sang the song which means I didn’t recognize her but due to the saga that happens and went viral drawn my attention to know who is she likewise many other people’s out there



5 Tolu Adelegan is a woman I hold in high esteem.

Adeyinka, like I said earlier, is my daughter in ministry; they are all valuable sisters and associates that nothing can separate us. This is a mere fog, it will fade away in no time. so there’s nothing to worry about those are the reasons she can’t attack

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