5 Foods you should Be Eating Once you Clock 45 and Above to Remain Healthy

The human body starts changing from the age of 45. This age is regarded as old age onset. A lot of organs and hormones will start changing as a result, it is important that the individual should change his life style so as to remain healthy.

Life expectancy in developing countries is lower due to ignorance and other factors. So once you clock 45, it is imperative that you undergo some medical test in your body and change your lifestyle so as to remain healthy. The following foods and spices will help a lot once you clock 45.

1. Whole grain

Food rich in carbohydrates and sugars are not good for your body once you clock 45. So it is important you resort to whole grains such as wheat, millet, oats, beans etc.

This is because these foods are rich in fibre. Fibre is very healthy for your gut. They are also less in carbs and sugar. Don’t forget that life threatening diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure and other health diseases starts coming up from the age of 45.

2. Fish and chicken

You may need to change your meat to chicken and any other white meat. This is because they contain good oil which is good for your eye and for your heart. Fishes also contain Omega-3 fatty acid, which is excellent for your eye and for you heart. They also help in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body.

3. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are very good for your body because they contain high fiber, minerals, vitamins and important anti oxidants. Make sure that you consume very important fruits like avocado pear, pears, walnut, cashew nuts, coconut etc.

These fruits contain healthy oil for your heart and your eye. They also help in lowering bad cholesterol in your body. Some of them also contain anti oxidants that help fight development of cancer in the body. Other important fruits are oranges, lime, lemon, bananas, beetroot, watermelon, cucumber etc.

4. Spices

Some of the spices we use in cooking such as thyme, garlic, ginger, turmeric are very good in regulating blood sugar and regulating blood pressure. Ensure that you take these things to promote your health.

5. Natural teas

Teas such as Lemon grass, Hibiscus flower tea (zobo), black tea, green tea, ginseng tea etc. These teas are very good in regulating blood sugar levels and protecting the body against cancer.

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