3 Mistakes Lampard Must Avoid Against Liverpool on Match Day 2 if They Want To Win

During their first league match of the 2020/2021 season, Chelsea came up against Brighton and Hove. Though the game finished 3-1 in favor of Chelsea, the outcome could have been altered on more than one occasion.

When you think about the missing header of Maupay a few minutes after Chelsea took the lead from the penalty spot through Jorginho and Dunk missing his free header, which could have done this 2-2 game, you get the impression that Chelsea has rode their luck.


Liverpool”s Chelsea game host in the Premier League match is not so reckless as Brighton in their next match as Brighton and Hove are defending champions. Liverpool has a very devastating assault.

There are three amazing items that can be changed to the Liverpool match. I have carefully underlined these three areas based on the evidence against Brighton in their presentation.

1. The starting line does not need Jorginho and Loftus Face.


Lampard has several choices from the midfield to the attack, so it’s a surprise if he sticks to a player who has been playing too long. Loftus-Cheek and Jorginho should not be able to play in the Start X1, particularly if Ziyech and Pulisic are present.

If he(Lampard) chooses to stick to his 4-3-3 then he should start off from midfield, flanked by Mount and Havartz at No 10, with Kante in the Defense. The Ziyech and Pullisic can play on the right and right side of the attack (with Werner in position no 9, if they can shake away their injuries).

However, if Pulisic or Ziyech is inaccessible, Kovacic can shift into the middle field as Mount takes the third position.

2. The left and right places should be held by Ben Chiwell and Azpilicueta.

Alonzo did not begin today’s defensive defense faults; he is so effective but weak in his defense. Lamptey still played for him throughout the whole match versus Brighton in the former Chelsea Right back. This makes us question what would happen if he meets Mane or Salah.

If Ben Chiwell can get over his Achilles injury before the match in Liverpool, he can switch to the left-back role straight away. Although Azpilicueta does not actually take the right place back because James is poor, but defensively, James should have more confidence than Jacques, and you have to be good in defense if you play an offensive team like Liverpool.

3. Kepa ‘s time is over, but it should hold his place for a final period to see if Thiago Silva ‘s presence will help to reinforce the defense.

Kepa was the least economical in the last season of any Premier League goaltender and awarded at least eight times from the last 13 screenings he faced. In fact, since he moved to Britain he has given more out-of-the-box goals than any other goalkeeper. All the signs show a custodian who is not certain that the custodian will be unaware of himself while he is abroad. A trustworthy maintainer will fight against a Liverpool team, but if Thiago Silva is to pair Zouma, some protection can come.

The win over Brighton does not ignore the vulnerability to defense, and hence the need to replace Christensen with Silva.

Zouma ‘s good on the field, both defensively and in attack, even though he has rash times but with Silva, who is so good at his feet, in calm and experiences, he and Azpilicueta and Chiwell could be secured enough for his defence.

This is my view, what do you think?

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