18 years old Girl Struggling with her life after being Molested by gang of 5 Boys

Daily Focus Nigeria Gathered from twitter that the 18 years old girl identified as Jennifer is battling with psychological trauma after being gang molested by 5 boys and people are still asking “wetin carry am go there.”

Jennifer hasn’t been the same since 5 boys ganged molested her, two of the boys have been apprehended while 3 are still at large.

Let me remind you that just because a girl went to a particular place or dressed in a particular manner doesn’t mean she should be abused.

Jennifer is someone’s sister and daughter, now ask yourself, if it were my sister or my daughter in that video will I be asking these questions? Rape apologist has become a thing in Nigeria.

We demand justice for Jennifer!

I don’t know how I feel about this honestly. We have lost all sense of humanity and we think we are more woke with our random unfiltered thoughts. Weeks ago a Damola abused some girls some and some folks, even “girls” that should know better were asking “wetin carry her go there”

not just about this case, There are so many girls like Jeniffer out there that have suffered and are still suffering like this. If we stay silent, then we are helping these devils. I wish rape cases would be taken more seriously. Male children also go through this but can’t say a word because they feel a man or boy can’t be raped, Toxicity, and toxic masculinity.

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